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Re: Problem with energy

Edl and mord helm with an energy lix keeps my focus maintained almost a whole boss fight. I might have to use a resto or three depending on how many ppl are attending fight. I dropped regens since full dl.

Re: Double Attack

What different dps skill..? Poison weapon, quick strike, shadow strike and sneaky are you DPS spells. What else are you putting points in that 'boosts' dps? I am SS qs sneaky assassinate and now rend. If your server is constant on lock battles one rogue in your group should def have this skill. Wit...

Re: Double Attack

It is a fast skill, faster than people believe, and melees cast quickly after its casted (it has nearly no animation). The fact it doesnt miss and u just dissed it shows how much knowledge u lack as a melee class, let alone rogue. I said I know it doesn't miss... And on hero haste you get more auto...

Re: 180 Offhand

No. Stick to axe. You will miss the heat damage and attack. Also your skills will be nerfed a bit without

Double Attack

I don't understand rogues obsession that use double attack. 30% haste, weather it's ring or offhand, makes the skill barely adequate for just farming. With just 30% haste alone you are putting yourself only 1/4 of a second at most ahead of your auto per cast. But if you use this skill on haste lix y...

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