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Re: Game time! Corrupt a wish!

Granted, you get a fishy but its not on a dishy when the boat comes in... (i eat it) I wish to have a bagel served by the one and only Muldarr! Granted but muldar is eviscerated by a mysterious man in grey I wish for free wifi at my house Wish granted you get dial-up I wish for to be able to play o...

Re: Axe vs sword

axe and sword are the same on necro no matter what you have to say about it. Yes, ive never done necro, but axe and sword are only different by a small amount of dmg, speed, and rupture. to mobs or bosses anywhere, they are the exact same. both do slashing damage. So you have no idea what divine da...

Don't BandWagon On Alliance Hate Train

I'm pretty sure by now that every one knows the Lugh clan, Alliance, from what you heard from your clans that your in is that it is a bad clan and it is ruining the server, when its really not. The clan Alliance is really good, i have joined it under level thanks to a friend, and after just being a ...

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