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Re: How To Disband a Clan?

Assuming there is not way to do what I want and I have to go your roundabout - which unfortunately leaves the clan in existence - there is a problem with your workaround. "If you really don't want to be chieftain anymore, I recommend asking a friend to temporarily make a new character, invite t...

Re: How To Disband a Clan?

I want to delete the clan altogether. Gone for good. Which according to the wording of the in game message seemed to be a different option than having to kick all members, which is why I posted this a new topic. I don't want to promote someone new to leader. I just want the clan to stop existing; be...

Re: Beta bounty board

This would be so very logical (to give a choice and let the player choose). I always wondered why it wasn't implemented that way, and had no idea that it once was! It would help so much to be able to choose to avoid specific bounties that may be difficult for your class or play-style, and cut down o...

Re: Skills revamp

I agree with the previous Ranger suggestions, especially Explosive Arrow. What an interesting skill that would be fun to use! But ultimately far too weak to be useful. In addition to making it useful (more damage, faster cast time) I would like to see Rangers to get about 3 more AoE skills. A skill ...

Re: Dunkskeig Sewers

In case anyone is wondering (doubtful), the bounty was abandoned and the next one was to kill the easy weak mobs that spawn between the castle and entrance to Crookback Hollow - much more appropriate for level 8. :)

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