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Romance Anime

Calling all anime fans lol :D :D :D I'm looking for a few good romance anime to watch. I feel like I've seen all the good ones but hope is not lost for me! Guidelines: I want an anime that has legit romance between 2 people lol. I'm sick of stupid love triangles with no resolve until the last ep and...


selling: -lvl 140 pendant of perception(165 focus 90 vit w/ 600 shield skill) -exalted karpati nightflyer (200 armour+200 resists w/ insta cast freeze skill) very op mount :mrgreen: :mrgreen: -focus of the seer -lvl 100 shield of rampart -lvl 190 pendant of vigilance(220 focus 140 vit w/ 800 shield ...


Hey y'all! I'm buyin various fire Mage items, so here are a few of the key items I need! +5 firebolt aggy braces or +5 or higher firebolt frostiron braces -buying a total of 2 braces so either 2x aggy braces, 2x frostiron, or 1 aggy 1 frostiron +5 or higher firestorm ring(s) - I wanna buy more than ...

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