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Re: Heroic ammy gone

what? the ammys and lux are the same exact thing, just a boosted lvl. the only thing they nerfed was the price. so i guess cheaper things is bad for players starting out? Yeah, but the new lux is only what? 20k cheaper? There's no way in hell you're gonna see a level 35 new player running around wi...

Re: Best device

As far as the cheapest but still playable for your money id say an iPhone 4S. As someome who just had a 4S, do not buy one. Garbage. Buy an android phone or tablet. They are generally cheaper and have better specs. For a tablet I would recommend the nvidia shield tablet. For a phone, either a galax...

New to the Android community.

Hey everyone. Just bought a new galaxy s6 today, gonna download celtic heroes tomorrow and start enjoying the new engine. Bit of history about myself: Started during Samhain 2012 on iOS, went by the name DylanBro on Arawn. Not a very popular person there, but ended up winning 2m from a chest (pic is...

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