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Re: the best way to go?

xiangboy2000 wrote:Go for a hammer/axe and use shatter rupture double and pummel
If u really wanna keep sword use shatter double pummel and frenzy or proc
I woukd recommend to use 3str/2vit build

This is good but instead of pummel I would use frenzy and go hammer or axe.

Re: Arena Lix

What he means by peaceful is there is no 'mean people' that go around randomly killing low lvls just because they're better. Ty for info tho.

Re: Arena Lix

Ok. Ok. I admit. My previous comment was a bit hostile. But u got my point I guess - there r other places for training abilities. I am still a bit low in lvl and can't find another place to train meele combat and sword. Training dummies and others die to quick while a glad works well. P.S. I've onl...

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