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Gelebron Wand?

Hi i just got my first gelebron wand and i'm a bit disappointed. Sure it's a wand but specs are comparable to a flashier mord grim. The thing is see a bunch of well geared mages from other servers that have them but i believe my shards recast skull is better. Can any mages fill me in? Am i missing s...

Re: T9 and t10 offhands

Criminal wrote:T9 rondel is 4250 dmg and t10 is 4500. T9 quiver is 1650 and t10 is 1700.

Axe, shield, codex of any kind and grim of any kind are unknown to me atm.

So after all the trouble and chaos of even getting upgraded to tier 9 and tier 10 it's only for a small boost?

Re: Best faction

Agreed my gear now is better than faction gear especially given the fact it seems like the stats on faction gear were pulled out of a hat. Its just a general preference really. I find lich charms better than reavers.

Re: Double Bounty Weekend??

Full Disclosure: The original plans for the 7th Anniversary were planned for one week. With the recent changes, we wanted to add more to these. For this weekend, we needed something that didn't need an update and was beyond easy to implement to get it the celebration kicked off. We wanted to do dou...

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