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Re: What happened to Avalon?

I was there when Songz was kicked out of Avalon for loot stealing, it seem years later he still likes to delude himself. Songz was not a member of Avalon when we finally decided to call it quits, so his opinions are just that, opinions. He doesn't have first hand knowledge, he only has hearsay and s...

Re: Should there be no lock penalties beyond lvl 220+?

Dark Kitty: Why are you bothered with lvl lock abobe 220+ when you don't have any toon even close to 220? Could it be that a removal of level lock would favour your clan compared to others? We all remember how some of your high level clannies complained about this. As the game now is designed it's ...

Re: Culinary Mage Recipes

The drop rate is indeed excruciatingly low for the recipe books - especially for the work involved with killing these mini-bosses every 15 minutes or so. I don't think OTM thought it through regarding how much work has become involved in their game. How is this fun? Not fun at all. 3 days now witho...

Re: Food of the Gods update has been added to CelticHeroes.Net!

I remember the days otm banned your name from even being said on forums because of this site. Now they're saying they love the site. Oh the wonders Love the site I was actually the one who pushed to allow the site, I understood the grey area of data mining the client but always thought it was a val...

Food of the Gods update has been added to CelticHeroes.Net!

I have finally started updating http://www.celticheroes.net/ again! A complete list of all the items in the Food of the Gods update ! It's a big list. The new luxury Dragon Hatchling pet ! The Chicken pet ! The War Horse Mount ! A list of all the new FOOD in the update! Good Hunting!

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