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Re: Server population


2 eg clans
Kills gele with 35-45 people
Kills within 1-3 days of spawn
Kills gele with 30-35 people
Kills within 1-3 days of spawn
Note:Both eg clans do not work together and are independent of each other

Re: old retired player Lightface - possible inventory clearout

Greetings Lugh, Edited to add: I guess what I'm really after here is a list of the hardcore collectors on the server. ***Important*** Please don't use this thread (or PMs or in-game mail) to ask for specific items. It's been over three years since I've actively played. I do sometimes lurk in these ...

Re: A new side to Lugh

Point is, old Lugh will most likely never come back to its former glory All things change. Arawn went through this change a long time ago. I'm surprised Lugh held out as long as it did without a dominant clan. When I was researching your history I was so surprised that there wasn't a dominant clan ...

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