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Re: Epona the first to Kill BT!

Urgh wish I didn't come read this but it's so annoying. Lol u thought u could have killed it but didn't bc the lag and whatnot yet u were soo obsessed with killing it first? that's the typical response in these situations... when u lose make up an excuse to why u "chose" not to do it.... t...

Re: Purple token drop penalty

I was fine with otm before what they did with pets.. boycotting them on purpose since they expect us to pay thousands in real money for one slot per character. Do you really call opening chests horizontal content. And no don't mention the purple coins cause there's a point where they are so rare Tht...

Re: How does OTM decide what game changes are a priority

The animations are backwards since the last update.. In combat/out of combat animations should show when sigils are working or not, but now when a Mage or Druid attacks it looks to everyone else like they are just standing there out of combat, when you cast a skill it shows you're in combat mode whe...

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