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missing the old ch!

Is it just me, or does anyone else miss the old ch? The old graphics, with the gold character movements and notations. Ill be honest, this new engine rocks, but as I look deep into my photo gallery, faint screenshots of the old ch give me bitter and spine chilling feels. Miss them days!

Re: warrior help

str- 140
dex- 5 (25)
focs- 25
vit- 230

shatter: 20/20
rupture: 20/20
giant swing: 20/20
double attack: 8/20 (15/20)
protective stance: 11/20

I use a flint axe and I do not have any lux items but might be getting golden trident. :)

warrior help

Greeting fellow warriors,
I am a level 75 warrior in the world crom. I currently run a tank/DPS build.
I don't know know where the best place for me to level is, could anyone help me? (btw I solo level).
thanks :D

Re: transfer!

Day 4:

still lookin for a transfer, geeeez this is harder than I thought! YOOOOO anyone wanna transfer with me? ive legit been at it for 4 days and I haven't gotten anything yet :?

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