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Re: I did it!

Find it pretty disbelieving to build a 300mil net worth without any initial platinum as a foundation but impressive none the less. I assume you had to sell your items under preferable amount to reach 100m, was it worth it? Not taking anything away from you, really cool achievement none the less

Re: Looking for a server to join

let me just introduce my server: - drama 24/7 - hacking, griefing, insulting - competition on dl+ - low population - no killing of gele for weeks Join us in Sulis I would genuinely recommend Sulis. - Drama is available to those who want it - 'Hacking' is a fun resort when 1337 win a boss - Currentl...

Re: @support

They're understaffed. When I was working as an IS Analyst we were understaffed as there were only 6 of us in an 850 man organisation. When we got tickets from people asking for help with minor things; say, 'My wireless mouse isn't working' - we almost always got round to it a couple weeks later as ...

Re: world transfers

It works with anyone with plat, as plat purchased is available on all servers for one account, so X can sell their plat items on Nuada to a player, for exchange of gold or items on the original server.

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