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Re: heya

I leveled first and did mastery after It sucked big time. I would recommend going ahead and maxing mastery out and then continue leveling it since it seems to re max itself every level for me so far. This would be cheaper and easier than picking thousanda of oats for it when the time comes.

Re: Pet Skills

Smellyunder wrote:My bear resilience skill is at 2516 with max ability at 2370.

Would you mind posting a screenshot for an index please? Thank you for all who posted. I'll add them to the op for easiest access

Pet Skills

Post your level 6 maxed ability pets/mounts skill description in the skills page for a reference/guide (Maxed levels and abilities or close to maxed ability) If you see one that isn't up here and you have it n wouldn't mind posting it's greatly appreciated :D *If you have same pet as any below and h...

Re: State of the game

For people who want to merge the servers: instead of that what would you say to letting people log into whatever server they want? Don’t let your character be bound to a single server. Just log into whatever one you want, until it is full. And then if a server is unpopulated, then it can be removed...

Re: State of the game

Reward players who are SKILLFUL - Remove this dogshit overused game design of "I log in more, I clock in more hours, I win haha, I also have a fatter wallet so I have better stats than you lmao". I will leave you with this; the Otherworld update was the peak of this game - before the engi...

Re: State of the game

I want everyone reading this to think about what they are doing on the game? Why are they logging in every day? What makes this game fun to you? What makes this game frustrating for you? Do you agree or disagree with anything I've wrote. I took the time to present my thoughts in detail here, and I ...

Re: Remove pvp

That's kind of the point of it they stopped us from grouping other servers for a reason. The arena is not a friendly place you will be killed and greifed endlessly in dirty and unfair ways. Personally I say let us be Hellions to those of us that love PvP xD but a "friendly zone" with a cop...

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