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Re: *Killian*

im sure Azz didnt leave game because of Killain, dear...smh, please dont even go there. i mentioned him cause he is a reputable player...considerate and wise...devoid of greed...that is how i know Azz. Yes maybe not, I am just putting an hypothesis. For your information, Azz & myself are good b...

Re: *Killian*

i guess, it will boil down to the player really with the multiple toon to decide. there are such players like AZZ (we dearly miss you, come back!) who instead of lining up two toons in a row, would line up his next one after the last one waiting after he got his first killain. not everyone is AZZ o...

Re: *Killian*

Before the thread about the discussion regarding alts in Arena gets lost in the mass of the forum, people need to read this thread first http://celtic-heroes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=62228 Some people consider alts as players Some consider alts as alts Alts need gold, gears, XP and Killain...

Re: Lugh's ARENA Decorum

I agree with what has been said except for the alt situation. It seems that the idea of putting one of the toons at the end of the line has been accepted without any debates or discussions with some concerned people. Frankly, I don’t understand why people see only the player behind the characters an...

Re: Daily gladiator figth

A Long time for me

until my energy is empty. Fortunately, I am using HW and can evade at a rate above 95%.

Usually above 15 mn unless I get some external help from any friendly player

Healmaster :)

Re: Book or Trident

I use the Mountain Shield for solo and grimoire for group fights I never tried trident, but Golden Blade of Ice did not help with with solo leveling. With Mountain Shield, I could solo 3 stars mobs of my level between lvl 120 and 140 except Blackstone Masters. Now I just changed my skills and am usi...

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