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Re: Insanity, Wolfgang, and Elite?

In perspective we have more friendly members in wg than insanity. For every bad apple we may or may not have 10 people per 1 bad. So don't take the numbers I choose as a percise calculation but if Insanity has 10 friendly people total we have 30. Technically Trumping both categories.

Re: The beta?

Elfylolz wrote:Can't ask for a beta when non stop complaints about log in issues lagging and otm sucking. Why should they work hard for the crap talk they get.

Honestly I am sure when they see someone being a cry baby they dont take em seriously AT ALL. They know peeps are dumb.

Re: Ok

Basically his point is flawed but its his way of saying 'stop complaining about fashion coming back' because apparently there are people out there with no lives that can lix really fast (but not 220 in 2 weeks....he probs a nub) and new players have old fash (spent rl cash for it, lots of it or dice...

Re: Come tooooo Mabon

They're very friendly to people who have server transfered and just attack someone in arena from either wolfgang or insanity and yiu miht get your arena battle right there. All frozen is naturally hard for rogues but insanity has a low level requirement and theyncan easily help you out I suppose. Li...

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