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Re: Unlinking facebook

If you un-link your Facebook account within the Facebook settings, it does not communicate with us that you have done so. If you do this method, you will be unable to log back into Celtic Heroes unless you re-link using the same Facebook account. You can always submit a ticket to Support if you wis...

Re: Winter Event

Has there ever not been a winter event?

I'd like to know if they plan on holding another event during christmas weekend, similar to arcane annihilation or if there will be double plat.

Re: Hows this Server doing?

Heyo ive been bored lately waiting for support to reply in the last 2 months so figured ill swing in a different server for a bit if i feel like it. i have a toon here with a sweet og name but i made it back when balor was first released and didnt play it much. Figured id try to secure some og name...

mobs are invisible

After the latest update, ive had this issue where most of the NPCs and enemies are invisible. Only NPC that ive been able to interact with is the blacksmith in castle. I've tried reinstalling celtic heroes, clearing cache, restarting phone, etc but nothing works. I logged my rogue, ranger and mage. ...

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