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Re: 180+ Spear

Zyz wrote:Well as I've always said, it's a game and everyone should play how they enjoy despite the haters

Mmh, true dat

Re: Dual Boxing?

I find walking is the hardest part :shock: Actually, with some practice, I am doing better. At first, my characters appeared to be drunk Now I've figured out that it's easiest to make one character follow the other (since you can see where the lead is going on the follower's screen) I still haven't...

Re: Dual Boxing?

I used to do both of what you are asking. Make sure you have the devices laying on a table or something like that. Don't hold both devices in your hand. Be efficient, for example: when one of your toons is busy casting skills move your attention to your second toon. Make sure you have a system and ...

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