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Selling these!

buying 95% spirt cape, black woad, spooky hunter///Selling 95/50/50/25boost horse,white lugh,quartermasters skullcap and 60% swift cloud! Pm me@Depr1ved

Re: Reaper ring

Nah don't want purple hunter anymore! I'll take a reaper ring(I'll add 500k) for it or 2.6mill for the set!

Reaper ring


I'm looking to buy a reaper ring for 3million! Also selling runic Valour brace and full nightmaster set! Pm here or in game!


And just bought 2 valor rings and the 200spite dagger


Im in second best clan in my world..we got necro to 3% but the top clan wast standing in the middle feeding him hp so we died


Thx man looks like i might be saving for awhile haha


Hey I'm 197 arm but will be 200 soon I have a pretty good amount of gold...I just wanna know how and what I should buy to be the best dps rogue in my world.what should I buy that will help me achieve that!!

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