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Transferring Back to Epona!

Hello Lugh, I haven't played Celtic Heroes in months or maybe closer to a year now and wanting to get back into things. I used to play on Epona and before I left, I transferred everything to Lugh because I though the change would be good. Turns out I know no one on Lugh and its been months since I ...

Re: Soloing

Depends on gear up until 180. If you have OP gear for your level it's highly possible to solo as good as other dps classes. The nice thing about vines/bees is that you can let one mob die with the dots on while you start the next mob. I personally ran with an axe offhand as I found the extra melee ...


Does soloing with Druid actually take longer? I was wondering where to put stat points if I was to solo with Druid, thanks.

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