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Re: Taking a break

Idk why I havnt said anything bout this before but if uve notice I havnt been on game for about, I guess a month or 2. I was planning on playing a whole lot this summer but guess not ;) . I may come back to play again next year but idk yet. To: MI AMIGOs hope all you guys enjoy that new update comi...

White Snow "Selling"


Green hunter(no hat) 200k
Green coven 350k
50 level regeneration crown 90k
Focus of seer 275k(or trading for heat axe)
110 level aggy frozen book 55k
100 level green opal Mage bp/pants (New 157,500) (Sell 100k)

Mail me in game(Snow White) or PM on here

Re: About Epona

I don't normally say stuff like this but how fitting that all this drama goes under the topic "About Epona". Guys seriously should all be kinda ashamed. This wasn't supposed to be this kinda of thread at all and it gives us all a bad rep. Clans are clans, people are people, bosses are bos...

Re: About Epona

I have idea!
How about make post and ask for them to stick it and lock it. Because it all says what people need to know when joining server. Why ask or post?

Re: Open beta

Dear Players, Open Beta should be in couple of days as it has been send to Apple for approval. You can find out if you have been accept if you can see the Beta section of the Forums. If you haven't received email but able to see Beta section please check your spam folder as it maybe be in there. Bes...

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