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Farewell Taranis

I hope those that where able to participate in my giveaway had a good time. Its been fun and I wish you all the best. Take care.
-Stinkypants of Taranis.

Looking for raffle ideas

I am looking for ideas on how to best raffle off all of my in game possessions. I have made the hard decision to move on from CH and I would like to host a fun Christmas event on my server giving litterally everything I own away. I’ll even turn in all mounts and pets for tokens to give away. I’ve ne...

Re: What to do??

The quests are the Way to go. At that level, you should be able to get repeatable's that are worth more exp then you could ever get from elixirs +1. This was going to be my reply. Also dont neglect doing your bounty quests, those are some of the best xp for the time invested. Gladiator daily is als...

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