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Re: Time to say goodbye to finnigal

So then quit posting? You're quite contradicting dude... I dont know how to delete the post otherwise i would have deleted it. I dont want to quarrel with any one on this forum what happens in Finigal stays in Finigal. It was my silly mistake that i brought this issue on open forum. So please stop ...

Re: Time to say goodbye to finnigal

ZYZ i have no issues with you. You are great players one the good players and i never said every one in cows is bad. So lets close this chapter here and lets not discuss it further because the more we discuss the more mud will come to every one. Lol a loser like Gazz, the top ranger in android, a lo...

Re: Time to say goodbye to finnigal

I dont know u but i dislike u. Disrespect this clan and ill hunt ur ass if u ever come back to fingal. u dont know us and we dont know u so dont bring us into ur beef for other experiences. also learn to spell fingal u illiterate fkr! Lol as if i care a loser like Gazz who shows his class by using ...

Re: Time to say goodbye to finnigal

Shazta wrote:Just watch out if you arnt in whykic fear me while your on a lix lvlin!

Lolx i donot level up lix i take my time to level up but for sure none of Celtic Clan will bow in front of Whykickamoocow nor any of us will join Whykickamoocow nor Even Bloodhound will join Whykickamoocow.

Re: Time to say goodbye to finnigal

I like that ignore the people. Thanks ZYZ This resolve the issue and grievances guess i will be able to stay in Finigal and please Whykickamoocow do not punish my clan Celtic Clan for my deeds they are simple players with no grudges and no rivalry. I am trying to help them grow to the pwoerful level...

An Appology to Whykickamoocow

Dear Whykickamoocow, I might have been harsh about Whykickamoocow clan because of some bad experiences from few members of Whykickamoocow but i apologize as i should not raised this discussion on Forum after all what happens in server should be left in server. It was my noobish fault or attitude and...

Re: Time to say goodbye to finnigal

I did not said Adrohan ruined i am talking about Rabi, I am Talking About many other bully that are in cows. Adrohan is a buddy and yes he has helped me alot i dont deny that is one reason i stayed on Finigal that not every one is bad. But guys there are money high levelers who use different alt to ...

Re: why?

Correct. What can I do for ya?

Bro just wanted to confirm.

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