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Re: Easter Eggs

There are quite a few them actually. Here are some I’ve found overtime. 1. Draken Cliffrunner https://i.postimg.cc/pXpW6Ymq/D3278-BB0-916-A-44-D3-8-F6-E-2965400498-EC.png This guy requires some out of bounds exploration. A friend of mine and myself were fooling around outside of the map in Heroes L...

Re: Easter Eggs

Mind wrote:

I think it’s a misquote from Newton’s 2nd law.

I’m not the sort of person to know anything about Newton’s 2nd law, nevertheless it’s a cool find!

Re: Easter Eggs

Mind wrote:I really like the “ring of force” description. That and several character names are plays on famous people’s names.

Where can I find the “ring of force” I’m interested in reading the description now :)

Easter Eggs

So I got lost down a rabbit hole on YouTube, I was binge watching videos about Easter eggs in video games. Which made me think, are there any Easter eggs in Celtic heroes?

If yes, what is it, where is it and how did you find it?

If no, do you think there are any?

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