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Hello again.

Hi I have been inactive for like uhh since the tower update. I play on rhiannon and i downloaded the game. Everything seems pretty dead though. Is Farcrag castle not the main place? Anyway theres loads of new things i don't understand so i'm kinda looking for help, and some new friends... if anyone ...

Re: Tribute to Aowin

Hey Heroes, We at OTM are sorry to hear the sad news of the loss of Aowin and send our condolences to the family and friends it is terrible to hear such a dedicated hero has been lost. Please understand that whilst we fully appreciate your wish to commemorate her memory we at Celtic Heroes have to ...

Re: Tribute to Aowin

Would be a great idea. Maybe making a statue the size of the bounty board in the players likeness, which could be put into Dustwither graveyard. I would remove all the monsters their however, and make it a respectful and serene burial place.

GSCE citizenship.

Right so yeah more homework, I know a lot is filler, but we have to reach a specified word count, and since they are marked by computer, and on certain words, they teacher says it Is ok. But anyway ignoring the filler, is there anyhring that could be improved upon? Also strong points too? Ok.. Homew...

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