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Where are we at with the update? Will there be another beta or will it go live? If so, any projected dates of release?

Re: Event Lux

Right an npc event lux shop is very important for a gold sink. And what i was saying is since the new 90/140/190 came out the gold has been building its to cheap and not enough people want to buy it so the ingame gold has been building. The lux needs to be better and the cost needs to be in balance ...

Re: Event Lux

Farm 5m for an ammy? Nty. And I'm sure no one else wants to take the time to farm 5m aswell. 5m is over $200 in plat/chests... As I said early, no lux item needs to be worth over $100 in the shop, aka 2m The lux has to reflect current pices if brought back, no question about it. Or else the evonomy...

Re: Event Lux

OTM needs to think of everyone, not just those who purchase plat. A normal player would be pretty overwhelmed if he saw an ammy selling for 5m in a shop. Go big or go find a different sandbox to play in. The good news is it's permanent so you have plenty of time to farm. I told you to sell plasma, ...

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