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Re: Selling/pricing stuff

i have never met you, but its always sad to see a eg player leave the game. i hope life treats you well and enjoy the free time you have now you no longer put it in ch :)
do whatever you want and anything that seems fun. You only have on life, better make in count :)

world xfer: rosmerta to lugh!

hey people of lugh, so im looking for a world xfer from rosmerta to lugh. The items i want xfered are: royal wyrmfang/tail bracelets yellow hunter and yellow frostguard ( no hats) crookback assassin charm red ardmair ( no hat but red crown ) full red ww (radiant legs) hallowed karpati nightflyer im ...

avalanche sled

hey guys, i was wondering what a avalanche sled would be worth here on herne.
someone told me its 1-1.5m and he wants to xfer it with me.
so i just wanted to know if this is a good price or if im getting totaly ripped off.

Re: Windows 8 Virus help!

if you know what programme has the virus, you could use Ccleaner. its a downloadable programme that fully deletes the file/programme u delete, this includes the virus( if im correct)

PS: still usefull for deleting programmes :D

looking for a world xfer

hey people of gwydion, im looking for a world xfer from rosmerta to Gwydion. for the items i want xfered, i would like either gold/lux/plat items( combo's sks chests) the items i am xfering: yellow hunter ( no hat ) dagger of slaying hallowed karpati nightflyer pink ardmair ( no hat ) battlemist opa...

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