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Wait time

Hey guys, i sent in an appeal for a banned account and i was just wondering if over 2 weeks is a normal wait time for this kind of thing because thats what its going on. Thanks for any response in advance.

Re: OffHands

not on skill lvl 25+ croquette Shield bash is around 100 energy then, giant swing 80 energy, pummel 60. Each 5 sec 20 energy will not work, thrust me i see what you are saying but everyone already proved it stupid to max certain skillsi do perfectly fine with 20 regen because i didnt max some of th...

Re: Wierd Chat Blocks

Kasha wrote:I figured this one out...if you remove the space and the first and last letters you will see why it is caught by the filter.

Ahh i see thx for pointing this out admin take this into consideration because excusing it is not a big deal there are other ways to ask :) thx

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