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Buying *Skills Edition*

Hey Arawn :D

Just joined up recently, and was looking to buy a couple things.

-------- Double Attack and Rupture Skills

-------- Mallach and Cronach Rings and Charms, Str/Vit

Ill update as needed, and thanks in Advance! :D Looking forward to meeting you all.

Hey Morrigan!

Hey guys,

I was looking for a world to transfer to, and both morrigan and arawn appealed to me. I am looking to transfer about 1.5m-2m right now and maybe more later. If anyone has the time, I'd love some prices and clan info.

Thanks in advance,

Re: Problem with energy

I have 4.3k exp, and I run out of energy fast. Since no one sells sigs on world, I have 500 ish e sigs. With my current energy full, I can spam skills and finish a 1-2 star easily. I barely have any regen, just the 60/60 from new event and 20/20 from ride. I will usually lix of a super combo, but al...

Re: Event Dex Nck Proc

Muldar wrote:Typo in the description, meant to say 2k :)

Thanks for reporting

i was testing this out on a training dummy myself and hit 1943, on gele I was hitting 1.1k-ish (might have drastically fluctuated, damage flies to fast over him :o )

Re: OTM staff (Q&A)

I think it is funny when people say you can not level to 200+ without buying plat... I have a 227 rogue, 190 mage and a ranger up and coming and have never bought plat towards leveling. I bought plat one time and it was $25 I got for my birthday, gone in 10 minutes and all the profit I used on sigi...

Re: Spring Has Launched!

For those having device issues this guide may help: http://celtic-heroes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=169&t=79806 Be sure to do the usual steps of Fast Graphics / terrain and lowering Render Distance. Hope that helps. I tried this on my old iPod, did not help too much. I think as the game gets mor...

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