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Re: Hybrid or wind build for lvling?

So would you put points into natures touch and bark or just have max winds, and full dps? i was goin wind build (with trident coz u need some dex or defence to make it rly work good) with half in touch n rest max strike storm n vines..n it was great build ..till i bought cape wit defence bonus..so ...

Re: Storm touch bracers.

Im just looking for any brace to improve storm touch. Currently my dps build still uses aggy healer braces. Im looking to boost my storm touch past 35, hopefully all the way to 45 or 50. Necro braces will be a long term goal. Currently im not high enough lvl to use them and donn server cant kill ne...

Re: Druid solo build

I think you should use; Vines Lighting Bark Touch (keep the heal to half of ur hp) Rest in storm, if u don't have storm, vines. indeed. 3 atak skills best for solo..but u dont need go max touch , half be enough to heal urself. as well u can change modes n get extra heal from touch rings(or other he...

Re: Am I being stupid

Who ever is first in the group list, constantly had their name and 80% of their health bar covered by all the talking and skills being cast. I have a few times accidentally let that top person die because I could not see their health going down until it reached below 20% often by which time I do no...

Re: Old players?

undinism wrote:I quickly started a mage, name und. I saw zarral but SwiftKey is bugged, I couldn't type anything. Anyway, I need sleep, sposed to wake up in 1 hour o.o

kk if see sum mage named und wil add :)

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