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Re: absense

Brooklyn wrote:-The Forgotten

Yeah, no one cares.

Lmao. Who are you Brooklyn?

Re: Moving from Fingal

Welcome to balor. If you need anything send a mail to me or a pm. I'm normally in castle either on my warrior soul collector or on my merch MERCHANTofBALOR. If you need help ill even switch to my main and help. Just let me know. :) again welcome. And as for our occasional bad stuff. If its clan dra...

Re: Moving from Fingal

Hi, early welcome to Balor! I'm a General with clan 420. There are tons of friendly people here, and ofc the occasional bad..

Add me in game when you arrive. Bow2urZavior.

Re: New Staff

Zyz wrote:I like the way staffs look more than totems. I would like to see them 1 handed. It's weird a trident is 1 handed and a warrior/ranger/rogue spear is 1 handed but a staff is 2 handed

That is weird and yes should be changed. I'd rather use staff than totem, but I'd also rather use whichever is best.

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