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Re: DPS Questions

No strength? So what I'm thinking is im gonna sell the focus and rod to get an axe and aggy trident then sell tali and get the Yule focus one. Also I'm getting new rings soon.

DPS Questions

I am a lvl 134 Druid wondering how I can make a switch to DPS from hybrid. I would enjoy not rellying on others to level. Gear Head: Crown of the Warlock Body: Frozen Cosmic Main Hand: +10 e Phoenix Off Hand: Focus of the Seer Necklace: Tali of Earth Brace: Greater Oak, Empty Rings: 5 e per tick, +3...


Yule Focus Ammy (Storms Eye) 600k
5+ or more Druid Rings
Axe of Triumph 275k

Talisman of the Earth 300k
Or trading it and 300k for the Yule Ammy
Focus of the Seer 300k
Purple Firestorm Rod +10 enlpergy regen 75k

Pm here or in game @ 5ynergy


Focus of the Seer*
White Pheonix or Cloudburst Rod*
15 Energy Regen Brace*
Crown of the Master*

Golden Blade of Ice 180k

* Means I will negotiate price
Message here or in game @ 5ynergy

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