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Arawn to Gwydion

Would like to trade some items here for gold or items on Gwydion. 85/20 purple wings Stargem Necklace of the Windrider Starstone Bracelet of the Assassin Starstone Ring of the Wolf Bracelet of Spirits Two black smuggler coats Black smuggler gloves Black smuggler boots 9 Orbs of Frostweaving 231 Supe...

Re: A little about

Let's not get this thread locked or deleted as I believe there is some useful information here. From my personal experience so far, Arawn is a much better server, all in all, than Gwydion. No regrets about coming here. Mind you, there are about 3 or 4 people that I had to block, but that is everywhe...

Re: Introduce yourself Gwydion!

To all joining Gwydion. Learn from my experience. Don't level too fast, don't stay clanless, don't buy quest armour items. You will be labeled a secret alt or spy. Take pictures of all transactions. There are many paranoid people on this server. Best of luck to all.

Re: A little about

like Smelly mentioned, our clan, like any other clan in Arawn is not perfect, I can't assure you that you will get all the items or gears you want or need, i can't assure you that you that you will get help all the time. What i can tell you is, once you are ready for some action and fun with lots o...

Re: Yet another "which world?"

I have joined Arawn :) and recieved a very warm welcome from gabee, for which I am grateful. I appreciate all the great feedback. I see every server has its strong points. Arawn for me seems great, as there are several powerful clans. This pesky job business keeps getting in the way of video games!

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