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Re: Raijin Selling

Perky wrote:A girl named Aldas Reborn is still looking for a Focus Of The Seer I think. She is like me a member of TheHobnobbers.

He* :roll: , I have gotten my focus of the seer broo, love youuu perkaa anyways lol #NoHomo :lol:

Re: To the people of Lugh

I started like 1 month ago in Lugh and I must say it isnt a bad world, there always are high people who thin they are super pro and even respond you cause you are low when the truth is they are more nabs than u ... :roll: , you know xD, but well thats in all games I guess... But yeah, on the other h...

Re: Buying rogue skills

Tambo722 wrote:Ill give ya shield wall for free. Mail me at tambo7 and then ill mail you :) In my mail i will give you the 10g for mailing me and the skill.

All said, thanks man ;-) it wasnt necessary but I appreciate it so much ;)

By the way still looking for rogue skills :P

Buying rogue skills

Heya guys ;) Im looking for lifesteal and smokebomb manuals for rogue if someone has them, please contact me here.
Also looking for shield wall skill for warr to friend.
Have a nice day :)

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