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Re: How to be a Professional DPS Ranger

Lvling a ranger currently my second toon in game (main 223lvl mage) i decided to go full str from start! Havent seen any info about def spikes skill so my question is if that skill is a nice combo while still using sharpen-barbed-long shoot-double shoot! I dont use rapid or haste ring-quiver yet whi...


2m shop wings tradeable for combos or 1.6m cash-royal atachs mage helm 250k-white,yellow nature masks-red lugh mask-light grey sparkling glen wig! Pm in game at vitetzis.


Selling royal atachs mage helm 300k(+6 ice shards-eboost-cloak of fire) 16 armour-yule dexterity ammy 600k-white nature mask 150k. pm ig @ vitetzis.

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