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Class decision

To start off I have about 5m worth of cash to gear whatever class I go with. With that being said, which one would you guys recommend me going with for mainly solo play? I do plan on grouping and joining a clan when I'm able to, but for now I'm looking for easy to level and not tooooo costly.

Trade/Selling lux

I'm looking to trade my arcane axe of triumph for a freezing axe of triumph. I'm selling my arcane helm of the veteran, I'll sell the axe if nobody trades.

Xfering from Fingal

I'm wanting to transfer here from fingal, I have: Razorback Cape 80/10 Arcane helm of the veteran Arcane axe of triumph Talisman of earth Bracelet of spirits Haste ring Godly dex bracelet 94 super exps 2 heroic exps Yellow and turquoise faewynd sets 440 hp sigils 100 energy sigils 2.2k cash 135 idol...

Re: Upset with OTM

It's not a matter of "can't" it's a matter of whether or not they will. I've shown all proof that I've made this purchase. I'm not trying to scam them. If I had the platinum I wouldn't have complained, my character would be decked for what I could get with 4k plat. I want this fixed becaus...

Re: Upset with OTM

Can't they put 4k platinum on my account once they see that I really did buy the platinum? Isn't it that simple to fix once they make sure the person requesting help shows proof of purchase? I swear this is beyond frustrating right now :x in case you haven't seen it before ---->***Ive tried all of y...

Re: Upset with OTM

All due respect, I feel scammed. There's other way for me to explain it. This hasn't happened to me in the past. I made a 4k purchase with birthday iTunes a year ago and didn't have to verify my purchase. I want to agree with you that something is up. Honestly if I don't get my platinum I want to ma...

Re: Upset with OTM

Oh yes I've lost 105$ off my iTunes account. Those are all the steps I've tried to fix this "problem". I'd post my receipt here but the file is too big. This will be the last time I buy anything in this game with my money

Upset with OTM

I posted a forum about not receiving my platinum when purchased on 4/18/15. It's now 4/24/15 and even after I've sent them an email of my receipt all that I saw was "check platinum issues in the forums" in my ticket and forum I told them that I've attempted all of their suggestions on fixi...

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