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Re: OTM staff

Thanks for all the feedback Muldar! I have a few nab questions myself if you have time ;) -Could all BOE (Bind on Equip) be removed aside from quest items? Specifically past Event drops like Silverweb. -Will we ever see an Auction House or Market for Buying and Selling? -Are there plans for any Even...

Re: Sulis a "Dead Server"?

The Castle is Empty a lot of times because people are killing bosses and usually have other things they are doing. Many of the people in castle are players who are low levels (180 and below imo) and don't help much at camping or bosses yet. I see the person writing this thread is a level 170's it se...

Re: lagging

This has been a frustrating update simply because of this lag. We have people that can't even log into CH without the game crashing and their game worked fine before the update. Many players are experiencing the lag and it seriously needs to be fixed. I'm tired of my screen getting locked for 10, 15...

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