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Re: How VR can resuscitate this dying game quick and easy

The game is in a situation similar to TF2 essentially. Despite having a dedicated player base with plenty of players, the company chooses not to update it. This game is a lost cause. It's better to move on and find a replacement. This honestly sucks to hear, I don't know about others but I think th...

Re: Old players still play?

I started back in late 2011 as well, took a break at the start of 2018 and have only just come back to start playing. Celtic is still very enjoyable despite the lack of updates, the people you play with make all the difference and is definitely a massive part of why I want to keep playing.

Re: clan for the weak!

..well let me tell ya, running a clan for lower levels isn't easy ...end game players invest most of their time continuing to progress themselves, while working irl or going to school ...the leadership of the end game clans spend all their time running their own clan ...don't expect any of us to sa...

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