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Re: Server crashed

I’m only aware of it happening on Nuada. Idk if it was on multiple servers, but in the past support took all servers down to ban and remove the duper items/gold. Support replied to my report shortly before servers went down, so yes they know about it, and are working on it rn.

Re: Server crashed

The servers did not crash. They were taken down to stop a duper that was attempting to ruin our game. Just let support freeze the duper account and the accounts he traded to and the servers will be back up. The frozen accounts will likely have the duper items/gold removed and returned. Dupers ruin g...

Re: If you are considering Arawn...

+1 Bigdiesel I haven’t seen the bashing, so maybe that’s in the past. I’ve seen Resurgence and feeder clan Braves treat DragonSouls kind and polite. I can guarantee you that isn’t being allowed. If you have current ss with a recent date stamp on them, please pm to me in Celtic Heroes Friends chat an...

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