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Re: Thanks To OTM

Why in Gods name do people defend a company for screwing up their product? You aren't taking Muldars sister to the damn prom. It's a business. They're supposed to profit. And they are supposed to produce a usable item for consumers. Stop acting like they are our besties.


Does anyone else see the irony of the whiner crowd howling about Revival Chests, which would be a massive money maker for OTM, and then complaining about cheap servers and understaffed development teams? You want better loot from end game bosses? Balances classes? Glitches and lag fixed? Let em make...

Re: Revival Chests

I've been longer, bud. In CH terms, I'm old as dirt. And I've saved a decent stash of cool stuff in my time. But the game is designed to use tons of lixs- and those come from chests. OTM has to make money so you can peacock on your cool broom, and that comes from chests. The economy in Rhi is ridicu...

Re: Revival Chests

Horrible decision. The economies of CH depend on plat buyers buying chests. Chests w no mounts or fashion suck, so we stop buying chests. The lixed dry up and prices skyrocket- pricing out the non-buyers who depend on us play buyers to feed the system. Don't listen to the "burn the ships" ...

Re: To all of you noobs out there

One thing I've noticed about plat sales- the majority of people who complain about high prices are kids who don't understand economics. Flat screen tvs were thousands of dollars when they first came out- I can buy one at Walmart for 200 bucks now. Why? Supply and demand. Basic economics says prices ...

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