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Re: Bounded the new clan!

I was gonna say that, but then I realized that Bound can also be used as in "bound for glory." The past tense for that "bound" is indeed "Bounded"

I have no idea what the chief was thinking upon clan creation..but.. im just sharing a thought

Re: Pokemon you?

To the original post... Apparently i am a Psyduck (the duck looking thing): Your absent-minded, ditzy, clumsy...or anything related to that but thats what makes you cute. You make people laugh at your confused actions. You never know what's going on in your surroundings but you are always positive. ...


My turn :)

FYI: You are all giving her the attention you claim you wont give. May as well stop, eh? Who da fools now, hehe :O
(assuming it's a her)
-no hate though; i dont know Tag-

PS: Gj on alerting peeps..its what matters really.

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