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Re: Darkflame

CH used to have a limited edition/rare items market which OTM totally destroyed and got rid when they put back legacy bosses and legacy events. Well said big man. I bought the two full sets on Danu a few years ago and they cost me about $100 worth of Plat items each. I was happy to pay that as I wa...

Re: clan for the weak!

dont talk about hard work and patience when you spend plat to get to where you are if it was easy or doable to farm millions and millioms of gold to gear ourselves you wouldnt have spent plat in the first place you hard worker ive spent 3 years playing this game and ive gotten nowere without barrow...

Re: Fishing

Guthix123 wrote:

Maybe they can't do an auction house with the current engine?

How hard can it be, after all other games implemented it decades ago

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