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also taking sks as offers

-comrak ironroot ring (offer)
-double shot (offer)
-sanctuary 8k
-skewer 3k
-explosive arrow 3k
-defensive formation 1k
-string swarm 3k
-rarest event flute(spring)
-krons stonebark
-red lion (offer)
-minor bone shards
-lesser bone shards

Re: Ok

Pixxie wrote:Well when we killed necro a few days ago only clan in murky vaults was elite.

lmao i was in murky valuts when elite and wg were throwing jabs at each other i asked a member from on of wg members they said making sure we cant do necro

Re: Ok

Celts wrote:Enjoy and hopefully by the time (if ever) you reach endgame (not an insult, rather praise (or insult, now that i think about it :lol: ) to people who dedicated enough time to killing mobs to reach endgame) wg and elite will be getting along.

nope elite stole necro from wg

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