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Re: Harambe the Gorilla

i would say let the kid die, then kill the parents for murder because it is the parents fault for letting their child go into a gorilla cage, even AFTER the child said he was going to.

dont have kids if ur to stupid to raise them. that gorilla should have lived, the parents should go to jail.

Re: Snapchat

why do u want random ppl on the internet following u on snap chat? no one cares what u look like, sorry to say that

Re: Extra cash

why does it say theres nothing to review? i made a new acc to select every category but it did not fix anything

Re: Extra cash

slicethepiw gives 5 cents for music every 3 mins :/ U get more when stars go higher and very 90 seconds when u get quicker. If your young or u have some time on your hands it can be something to do b4 u go to sleep :) it also works better than the surveys as u have an abundance of songs. whats the ...

poll petition board

so i am a bit confused, what is the purpose of this? is it to get feedback without flame wars occuring, and more feedback because its a few clicks and ur done? i like the idea, but i doubt the design team will ever look into the box. i know muldar will, but i dont think the devs care about what muld...

finals week x.x

how many of u guys have finals week this week? as a freshman im not that stressed, only for geometry because my teacher didnt teach unfathomable and i need to stay at a C. everything else i dont rlly care about cause it is easy, like bio, spanish, and lit/writ. i hate PE tho cause its a mile in like...

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