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Re: DOT should not cancel out

If DOTs stacked that’d be so incredibly op lol. Even if it was only limited to like 3 at a time the dps input would increase so much.. cause not only are there vines and swarm, but skills like rend, rupture, and cg/edl/dl rondels as well which can pack quite a punch. Rogues would become op. Rogues ...

Re: Costume Contest: Show Off Your Favorite Fashion!

Just need that Unleashed Black Oni Top that does not exist! Edit: Just realised it was just a “Post Your Fashion” Lottery and not a “Best Fashion” competition after spending over an hour finding the best setting, editing the clip and making it a GIF :lol: :lol: :cry: RIP. https://i.postimg.cc/76ZWz5...

Re: Looking for a fresh Start? Rhiannon is looking for new players!

Great Post Leo. A couple of important things to add; 1) Since moving to Server Kills 6 months-or-so ago, BT and Gele have gone down within 24 Hours of Spawn. We’ve been very consistent with this. 2) Competition for gear is a lot less rife on Rhiannon. We currently average around 40 Toons per Gele an...

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