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Re: Arawn completed 99 EDL Sets; 100th set waiting to be cla

Hold up, let's actually make this a little more interesting. So 100 sets in 30 years is plausible, yes? Well divide 100 by 5 (classes), that's only 20 sets per class. I may as well quit now because I know there are at least 20 rogues with on my server that would be geared before mine and I'm sorry O...


Hello, I'm a long time CH player from gwydion that is moving to rosemerta, but I really do not know much about the server at all. I made an introduction in their section, but figured I'd ask some general information here too for a more swift reply. Anyone know what kinda server it is? Population? X ...

New on Rosemerta

Hey guys, I'm a long time (4 or 5 years now almost?) Celtic heroes player that has spent his whole career on Gwydion... About a year and a half ago I quit this game and didn't play at all for around 10 months. I have been playing off and on since then back on gwydion though but things aren't clickin...

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