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Re: Fishing

You don't have to finish level 1 bear to et level 2 pieces. I myself have had 0 level 1 pieces, but 1 level 2 piece. Like 72 fishing

Re: Support Team

Or create a 'lend/ borrow system'. They already have a trade system, it would not be hard to make a few alterations to implement it. That would cut scamming out a lot

Re: Mage necro kills?

I've never had a necro kill myself but it is very impressive. On mages being worst endgame dps, I highly disagree, if you build your Mage right they are formidable on any boss

Re: Class rolls

You would get 0 mages / Druids going to Mordris if it was changed to class rolls as they would have 0% chance to roll if wep dropped. It's not like Mordis has skulls. If Mordris was changed then hrungnir would also

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