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Re: whatsapp +1(8329051207))BUY CHST 10+2,CISSP,C/CISO,,PMP Certificate online Qatar - BUY certificate Bangladesh, certi

Phfttt.. this all cool but can you design cool bosses and stuff. Or level a character from 1-220 in a day?.. that’s what I thought.. go back to tor.. no one gonna be sending you bitcoins here

Re: VR, We Really Do Need Answers

You had an extremely good point about the Phoenix. I remember while while back OTM removed shrink and growth charms // ghost charms and crookback charms because they were childish and didn’t fit where the game was heading and then we get this extremely bright very cartoonish looking pets and mounts....

Re: New Event

Shivahh wrote:Give us a break lol two bossing events in a month? Nty

wow, true definition of .. ”you can’t make everyone happy” just take the dang event and get some loot

Bring old Mounts back?

Hii, I know this topic is gonna divide everyone but I was wondering if the old mounts will ever make a return.. such sleds, brooms, clouds, carpets.. like I don’t see anyone on epona with them anymore and I feel like it’s maybe time to bring them back since everyone has moved on unto the battle moun...

Developer Diary?

Hey, A lot of you probably remember the days whenever Kodelia and Muldar used to make a topic where they would talk about what was basically going on in the office and where the game was moving and what we should expect coming in the near future. I just thought it was a nice little tease and look f...

Re: Account Conflict

Hi can someone help me. I played celtic two yrars ago i know my hero name and email adress but when i try to reset password it says that name or email is not correct. best thing to do in this case is to email support@onethumbmobile.com for assistance. Tell them as much information about the account...

Re: Epona’s system origins

I been playing on epona since late 2011 / early 2012 and I believe the big reason why epona is always remained free server is because of the people that actually run the server. There goes a lot of dedication by the players themselves to created and inforce rules and create list of people that are b...

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