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Kingsexy was my character from when i first started playing. And i took a break from the game and my cousin was using the account. I came back using a different character and when i wanted to go on my warrior again, i aske my cousion and he said he sold it

Attention Squad Up

Attention Squad Up i see the toon 'kingsexy' is in your clan. May i ask who owns it as i gave to my cousin so i would not lose the account when i or if i did come back and i have came back on my ranger 'guardianAngel' if you know. Who can u plwase pm me.

Re: DPS Warriors

Hi im a dps warrior in the world gywdion
My stats are 250-50-30-100
My highest normal hit is 663 and giant 937
And growing i love dps and connacht armour
Is worth getting

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