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Re: Howdy everyone

Haha this is a little delayed but I don't own my account anymore first of all and a lot of people knew my info so that wasnt me rebirth or it could've been me just being freakin retarded cuz that's what made the game fun for me and I kinda miss you guys and Matt you're amazing for remembering that :...

Howdy everyone

I was really bored so I thought I would come on here and see how everyone is doing. Out of my old friends who still actually plays? ;)

Hey guys

Well as some of you guys know i quit... buuuut if anyone wants to play Xbox with me that'd be awesome. So anyone out there add me :) gamer tag is Futbawl

Re: Anyone left?

I just miss the days before the update when I was considered a higher lvl of the game and ppl respected me. Now ppl don't give two s**ts

Re: Anyone left?

Lol BurningFlame my old clan... Hey Celtic you never said I was a vet and I haven't been on lately either... Coming back when you do! :)

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