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Set-Up for almost end game warrior

Hi, I am 180 now and currently looking for advice for endgame I am currently using a dagger of spite offy and wyrmbone axe 1. As options for endgame axes are limited, what are some of the axes that are worth using at my level and further on? (Including event/shop/boss drop) 2.I realised tower is act...


Hey there! Was planning on xferring here from Arawn, if anyone is interested I have items like lixes and about 3.4m in gold, will update if I end up selling them for more gold I can take gold on Fingal, or equivalent to sigils I also have some questions about this server 1) Any change in server pric...

Warrior- Mage duo?

Was wondering if this was a possible combination? I was thinking I could e boost my warrior and do some occasional damage with ice Mage, while warrior tanks Got sigils, so any thoughts? Would help if you could list the possible skills to use too (eg. Freeze so that sigils could kick in when bossing?...

Best server to Xfer to?

Looking to xfer to a new server now that Cross-platform is implemented, if anyone got some ideas
Basically looking for a server that has little competition, isn't dead and uses a fair system to gear players up

Xfering from Arawn btw


Selling & Buying


+8 rend and expose weakness Mordris ring(185 lvl req)(offer)
Magic trident offhand(180k)
80/10 ancient spirit glider(offer)
Purple crest of serpent(offer)
2 faerie pikes (5k each?)

Everything is negotiable. If interested, pm me or reply to this post.

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